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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

Are Conservative Republicans Now America's Permanent Ruling Class?

The Chronicle: Are Conservative Republicans Now America's Permanent Ruling Class?- Following the 2002 midterm Congressional elections, Democrats were blue about their party's future. With the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks still uppermost in the American public mind, and with President Bush enjoying record-high job-approval ratings, most voters favored Republican candidates and voiced conservative opinions in polls. Several pundits proclaimed that the GOP was now America's "permanent majority" at the national level, becoming so at the state level, and even resurrecting itself in some cities where Democrats had long reigned supreme.

Supposedly this political realignment was, if anything, long overdue. Since the early 1970s, public opinion had been trending conservative. By the early 1990s, lower taxes, tougher crime policies, and traditional moral values all consistently polled popular majorities. Southern voters began bolting from the Democratic Party in 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. Nixon's law-and-order "Southern strategy" iced the break. In 1980 and again in 1984, Reagan attracted one in four votes cast by Democrats. In 1994 Newt Gingrichled Republicans ended Democrats' 40 years at the House's helm.

My Spin

old article but I just found it so it's new to me- one thing I hate Religious Conversatives and Yellow Dog Liberals I only support people who are just a little left or a little right ok.

it's an interesting take on the issues, if you look at demographics and voting records regular church goers vote more than non-regular church goers. Why, well I think it's like this they feel a greater need to impact other peoples lives in addition to that when they are told to do something they are more likely to do so. Church people often give the priest, preacher, "dude in charge" a large degree of respect so when that person says jump they are more likely to say how high, as opposed to I'm not jumping. But it's less than that Conversatives use religion or morality as a reason to sustain what they are saying and it's unquestionable unless you want to go to hell with the other sinners (sorry I felt a Pat Robinson moment there). Liberals do the same thing when discribing social welfare issues, if you oppose X program you hate the poor and that makes you a bad person. However liberal badgering hasn't been able to gain social accpetance to the degree that conversative badgering has.

Why do you think W got re-relected his stunning performance record no he played his trump card, gay marriage, it got all the religious folks out in force and it overwhelmed the Kerry camp. Conversatives are a powerful force because many of them reflect the family values croud and not just the religious loonies. Conversatives have a monopoly on family values and that translates into large voting blocks. People are willing to sacfrice a little more for a "cleaner" but less free society.

Moreover conversatives have a monopoly on patrotism, it's hard to call yourself a patroit when your talking about how much you hate the government and your calling everyone who voted for Bush stupid. Your not going to get alot of people to jump ship that way, you have to make them feel good for voting a certain way, Conversatives tell you that your securing your childerns future and helping to help America moral and safe, what do liberals tell you. They tell you that your better than your neighbor for voting a certain way because he's stupid. Well what if you like your neighbor, what liberals need is a reason to vote liberal. A hook to make people feel better about voting for weiners like John Kerry over idiots like George W Bush.

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