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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

European Nations May Give Iran a Reactor

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

News from The Associated Press - Key European nations are considering offering Iran a light-water nuclear reactor as part of incentives meant to persuade Tehran to give up its uranium enrichment program, a senior diplomat said Tuesday.

But a U.S. official said Washington would likely oppose the plan.A light-water reactor is considered less likely to be misused for nuclear proliferation than the heavy water facility Iran is currently building at the central city of Arak, which - once completed - will produce plutonium waste.

Still, light-water reactors are also not proliferation-proof because they use enriched uranium as fuel. While uranium enriched to low levels cannot be used in a weapons programs, it can be processed relatively easily to high "weapons-grade" material, for use as the fissile core of nuclear warheads.

My Spin

oh my god...what are they thinking... it's just like what Europe did with Hitler all those years ago, no wait it was just 61 years ago. You can not appease countries into doing what you want. It's a interstate game of chicken if you blink first you lose. This is exactly how the Cuban Missle Crisis played out Kennedy and Khrushchev, the Soviet Union backed down first and after that their image and bargaining power was lost. If Europe caves in to the pressure they run the huge risk of being totally aliented from the bargaining process between the US and Iran and frankly the world needs a cooler head in this situation. Both the US and Iran and not afraid of this war in fact Iran is welcoming it. Giving them this reactor only gives them the tools and means to produce weapons intent upon killing Westerners.

What happened the last time Europe gave a Middleastern country a reactor the Israeli's blew it up How Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear reactor (built by the French) in 1981 which lead to a war or two.

The French, I hate the French, the same people fiancing and support Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel but oppose the current war in Iraq because we have no rights to be meddling in another nations affairs. The French have been supplying arms to the Middle East for decades and allowed them to kill each other for Frech monatary gain. The French have no right to talk about human rights or just war doctrine to the US they are one of the worst perpuitators of human rights abuses as anyone or has the world forgot about Algeria. The French are the worlds biggest hyprocrites.

Europe wake up, you can not pay war off, war will not go away if you turn your head and throw some money at it. War can only be stopped by facing your fears and confronting your enemy and forcing them dipomatically or physically to stop.

Okay I don't hate the French but your Government really pisses me off - hey I even publish my blog in French eh?

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