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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

White Guilt, Deciphered

May 30, 2006

Will: White Guilt, Deciphered - Newsweek Columnists - - Black 'militants' preaching militant dependency want guilt-ridden whites to feel obligated to deliver black advancement.

The unbearable boredom occasioned by most of today's talk about race is alleviated by a slender, stunning new book. In "White Guilt," Shelby Steele, America's most discerning black writer, casts a cool eye on yet another soft bigotry of low expectations—the ruinous "compassion" of a theory of social determinism that reduces blacks to, in Steele's word, "non-individuated" creatures.

My Spin

let me say first no one in this coutnry is owed anything just because of the country of your birth, religious stance, sexual orientation, or race. We are all in this together, we can work together or we can fall by the wayside.

I took a semester long diversity course this semester just for the interest of it and let me tell you something race relations have less to do with race and more to do with entitlement than anything else. It's an elaborate game of cat and mouse where each side is tugging back and forth for personal perks. I had a to read a book called, Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? And Other Conversations About Race: Books: Beverly Daniel Tatum the book was good and it made me look at things a little different and put somethings out there that I hadn't thought about before like "white privilage". However it was all fluff and excuses for why blacks lag behind whites, Asians, newer European immigrants, and Hispanics in pretty much every category. Asians had it every bit as bad as black slaves and they are doing pretty well in America, the Irish, Germans, and Italians faced terrible oppression when they came here but they prospered.

You never hear from anyone except Bill Cosby that blacks are to blame for they own behavior (and he catches plenty enought grief because of it) it's always someone elses fault that person X did something bad or that person Y isn't to blame because they can't read at age 12 it's racism holding them back, or that person Z is dealing drugs and shooting people because he can't get a job because of white racism. Thats all lies and they know it, but "white guilt" enables people like Jesse Jackson to spin lies and manipulate whites into doing what he wants since the lable of racist is perhaps the most hated and crippling of all labels. It's just me but I always thought murder and child rapists should hold that title.

I do however totally disagree with the whole notion of white privilage since the entire institution of government, politics, and general political correctness is all on the side of the black community. Truth be told the white male is the single most discriminated against individual in America. Don't believe me look at all the social protective policies they are all designed to keep white men from hurting anyone that isn't a white male. No one in this country is owed anything.

Call me what you like but I'm trying to be honest and it's almost impossible for a white person to be honest and frank about race with out being called a racist.

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