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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 

It's Time to Leave--RIGHT NOW > I don't think so but thats just me

Daily Kos: It's Time to Leave--RIGHT NOW > It's time to leave. Time to leave Iraq. In fact, it was time to leave quite a while ago. We have entered the monastery, pissed all over the grounds, stolen all the candles, and corrupted the other students; and not only have we taken the pebble from his hand, we've stolen the robes off his back, taken his pride, and humiliated him in his nakedness. And now Master Po wants to kill us. That generally means it's time to leave.

But it's ESPECIALLY time to leave NOW: now that the very last reason that the neocon thugs could possibly give for our continued presence is officially OVER.

My Spin

Sorry but no

here is my take on all this...Iraq is our mess correct we started the war we ousted Saddam wouldn't it be rude to come into someones home mess it up and just leave it a mess...frankly the idea of just leaving the Iraqi's to their own demise strikes me as awfully cold for a supposed liberal, I was under the impression that liberals were all about love for your fellow man love mean sticking with them and helping them even when things look bleak, the US is by no means being crippled by the war we are the richest nation on the planet and we are no where near going up and leave the Iraqi people (innocent people) to be slaughtered by men like Bin Laden for their own sick personal reasons. To leave now would be a death sentance for thousands for Iraqi's who will die in a bloody senseless civil war that could be advioded it the US would just fix the mess it started.

How do we fix the mess, we build the Iraqi infrastructure (ecomony, military, police, healthcare, etc.) and leave them better than when we found them, Iraq is getting better, how can I say that there is hope and hope is the first thing needed to make things better. The US occupied Japan and Germany and look at them now, we have a pretty good track record in regards to fixing things. But when we cut and run (Vietnam, Korea, South America, Iraq and Iran) things end up pretty crappy. For this to work and for the Iraqi people not to pay for Bush's blunder we must all stick it out and pledge to fix our mess.

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