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Monday, July 03, 2006 

Can Daily Kos Control Dems? - Or should they even try

Can Daily Kos Control Dems? - Newsweek Politics - > Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is sitting on his back porch in Berkeley, Calif., listening to the hummingbirds and explaining his plans to seize control of the Democratic Party. It is one week after YearlyKos, the Las Vegas conference of progressives that Moulitsas sponsored and promoted heavily on his popular liberal blog, Every major media outlet in the country had attended the conference, detailing the spectacle of Democratic bigwigs (including the party's Senate minority leader and four of its leading 2008 presidential aspirants) embracing Moulitsas as the guru of an activist movement they were eager to exploit. With the conference, Moulitsas says, his movement had finally proved its relevance to the party. "We're not sitting around waiting for the so-called professionals to give us power in the party," he tells NEWSWEEK. "We're taking it for ourselves."

The talk of the blogosphere last week was "Kosola"—allegations that Moulitsas wrote favorably about candidates with whom he or his close friend and coauthor Jerome Armstrong had financial relationships. Moulitsas swore the charges were baseless (Armstrong, too, has denied impropriety), but they clearly got under his skin. When The New Republic's Web site published an e-mail from Moulitsas to a group of friendly activists urging them not to talk about Kosola and thus "starve it of oxygen," Moulitsas went berserk in a blog posting, accusing the venerable liberal journal of treason. By the weekend, Moulitsas's allies were sending each other e-mails infected with the paranoia of revolutionaries who've gained power too fast: How should they deal with traitors? How much openness could they handle? Which fellow travelers could they really trust?

My Spin

it would appear that the new medium (an untamed horse if you will) has become broken and tamed to the political establishment. Anytime a blog gets bought off to serve as the lap dog or anyone or thing drives a nail into the coffin of the original blogsphere. Welcome to the new internet or should I call it the Mainstream Media the Sequel. The rebel media is now going to control the Democratic party, I have no doubt that they will one day control and manipuate public opinion in just the way CNN or FOX news does, but the real question is why would a blog want to. Well there is the money, book deals, publicity, and fame which anyone would want. To be a shaper of public opinion is the greatest power a person can possess, Teddy Rosevelt knew it and worked it well.

Kos has a huge base of supporters just like but the real question is can an activist think tank bring in real votes. Howard Dean bet his presidency on it and where did it get him, well now he's the new head of the Democratic Party so pretty far it would seem. However extremism will never get you to the White House, the public would much rather vote for a Conversative Extremist than and Leftist one, why because the Conversatives have a monopoly on patriotism. You can't really call yourself a patriot when your bashing the government and burning the president in efficacy. Only history have the authority to determine who a partroit is - George Washington was hated by many on both sides of the ocean for his terrorist attacks and rebel uprising.

my thoughts on the web

by their very make up blogs are supposed to be outside the mainstream media, but will they remain that way

the blogsphere was created, as an alternative to the large corporate owned mainstream media where by the average joe would have the means to present his/her opinion in any format or venue they so choose. The hope is that the net would forever remain a vestige of freedom of thought, expression, and help in the distribution of ideas.

how well has it held up to that goal is entirely up to the reader to decide but in my opinion (since isn’t that all a blog really is) is that if you choose to report on the news you have a responsibility to present the news and your web blog is not to be a corporate or politically purchased commercial. Your news becomes a commercial to be exploited for the personal gain of the administrator. Maybe the talking heads over at Daily Kos really supported the candidates they were blogging about that’s great if they did but if you take money to write favorably about a particular person or issue your no better than Fox News or CNN. People turned to blogs as an avenue to get away from commercialized dribble and find out real facts and opinion. The beauty of the blogssphere is that a 14 year old high school kid with no real knowledge of politics can write his feels about George Bush good or bad and your reading it knowing it knowing this piece in front of me is real, it’s this kids real opinion – it doesn’t matter that every other word is spelt wrong or contains a cuss word, it’s pure unadulterated opinion. All reporting is nothing more than a persons perception of the world around them and to present your opinion as fact makes you a liar and as fraudulent as 3 dollar bill.

I’m not any better than anyone else and I’m certainly as informed as I would like to be I write about what I like in an effort to try and reach one person and show them that the news can be interesting and impress upon them the need to be informed about the world around us. The reason corruption happens is because no one stops it, how can we as a nation stop corruption if no one is paying attention. This scandal will only turn people away from the news. I know the crowd that reads the Daily Kos – I link to stories off there as well – and this scandal won’t detract them, it’s just lousy to think that even here on the net where an amenity and freedom are the motto that people are still willing to sell their souls for a buck.

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