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Wednesday, July 05, 2006 

Israel accuses Hamas of 'terror escalation' after school attack.

ABC News Online > Israel says Hamas is inciting a grave "escalation in terror" after a rocket attack struck an Israeli school and vowed more military action to secure the release of a captured soldier.

Hours after an ultimatum set by the conscript's Palestinian captors expired, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert again ruled out any negotiations with militants and promised to strike anyone linked to them, in a thinly veiled reference to Syria.

Israel proclaimed its soldier was alive, after the captors of 19-year-old Gilad Shalit, seized nine days ago and wounded in a Palestinian raid, expired at 6:00am local time, with demands that Israel release prisoners or "face the consequences".

A Hamas-claimed rocket attack late on Tuesday, that caused no casualties but marked the first time a rocket had landed inside the town of Ashkelon, sparked fresh words of warning from Mr Olmert.

"This strike on the heart of Ashkelon is a very serious incident which constitutes an escalation of unprecedented gravity in the campaign of terror waged by Hamas, which leads the Palestinian Authority," Mr Olmert said.

My Spin

I support Israel and I believe they are in the right here, they have extended the olive branch and were trying to work towards peace they made the first step and Hamas spit in their face (figure of speech)

however this was to be expected of course Hamas would esculate the terror attacks it's all they have as a means to defend themselves from the overwhelming Israeli war machine. I hate that this had to happen because its the average Palestinian that suffers in this conflict and not the terrorist leaders and started this fight. They are sacfricing these innocent people for their "holy war" against Israel. It's a shame that the Palestinian people can't see they are pawns being manipulated and made to suffer for someone elses war. Now is the time for the Palestinian people to say no more and put an end to the terror campaign, terrorism has not worked against Israel and this shows that Israel has had enough and they will kill all the Palestinians in order to protect themselves.

Palestinian's have two choices in this conflict 1) work with Israel for peace 2) be killed
it's up to them now Israel can not be intimiated or defeated by terrorism all it does is make them mad which translates into death and destruction for Palestine

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