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Monday, August 07, 2006 

Sheehan resumes war protest near Bush's ranch > A year after her first war protest in President Bush's adopted hometown attracted thousands and reinvigorated the nation's peace movement, Cindy Sheehan resumed her vigil today.

Under the blazing Texas sun, Sheehan and more than 50 demonstrators again marched a mile and a half toward Bush's ranch, stopping at a roadblock. As the Secret Service agents stood silently, Sheehan held up her California driver's license and said she wanted to meet with the president.

"It doesn't say my new address, but I do live here now,'' said Sheehan, who lives in Berkeley, Calif., and recently bought land in Crawford for war protests. ``My name is Cindy and Bush killed my son.''

The group then chanted, "This is what democracy looks like! This is what democracy sounds like!'' and a few people sang "This Land Is My Land'' while standing near the roadblock before returning to the protest site.

My Spin

I really hate this woman - The line "My name is Cindy and Bush killed my son.'' perfectly sums up this womans mission and how she views this situation. Bush is the President and he made an order to the enlisted troops to go to war which is his right and duty as president. You can debate the merits of the war all day but it won't change a thing. We went to war people have died and no amount of protesting or fame seeking will bring anyone back. Casey Sheehan was a soldier he enlisted to fight for his county which meant he waved any choice he had in participation in any armed conflcit. Many people are waking up to the reality that joining the military means your volunteering your life to your country, you work for "Uncle Sam" and as a result you do what "Uncle Sam" says. Casey was called to war and fought and gave his life in defense of his country this is the single most noble act this coutny recognizes.

Cindy Sheehan could never understand that oath Casey took if she did she would understand that Casey died for his country and while it's tragic it's a war and that happens. Protesting the reasons we went to war won't accomplish anything since we went to war and it's been 3 years. Your not going to stop the war and protesting only proves how ignorant you really are. Find some better reasons for bringing our troops how or even better work with the government and help them find a solution for bringing our troops how (since they don't seem to be able to find one). Furthermore "cutting and running" is not a exit strategy it's an excuse and admitting defeat. If we leave now it means the death of thousands of innocent Iraqi's. Those people will die just so people like Cindy Sheehan can just vindicated. She doesn't care about whats right only what she wants and that makes her a hyprocrite and no better than the man she is protesting against.

The fact remains that the war is ongoing and it will only end when one side quits, which ever side quits will suffer as a result politically, economically, militarily, and the civil unrest will be great. It can either be the American people or the crazy killers looking to take over the world and place us all under and oppressive religious regime against our wills.

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