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Sunday, November 05, 2006 

How to move faster than the speed of light

Ok the laws of physics state that nothing can go faster than the speed of light, why is that, just because we havn't seen any object go faster does not mean we can't.

According to popular theory light is the fastest thing in the universe and to go faster than light will in effect bend space time as such you will be bending time itself and you will be altering our known reality. However according to the laws of physics, Einstein primarily, you can’t go faster than light it’s the one constant we can’t break.

I contend than light may well be the fastest thing in the universe but it is quite possible to move faster than light. While not at this time possible it is potentially possible harnessing the greatest force in the universe the one constant even light can avoid or break, that constant is gravity.

In a black hole nothing escapes even light, the gravity is so strong that the every space fabric is bended to the black holes whims. Our speed is dependent upon our ability to fight gravity; it is never possible to break free of all gravity since every entity in this reality is affected on some level by gravity. It is possible to use gravity to speed yourself up if you can match the gravitational pull of the largest strongest gravitational object in the solar system you can act as a counter weight and push yourself away from it at speeds far greater than light.

According to popular theory back holes are that the center or every solar system and they are what holds a solar system in orbit around itself. It you match the strength of the host black hole through some artificial means you can push yourself the same way a monorail uses magnetism to push itself along a track. By using gravity you have an unlimited potentially for speed the more gravity you exert the faster you go all you have to do is find a strong enough counter weight to push against. Perhaps at the center of the universe there is an ultra super massive black hole if you are able to match the gravitational pull of that object you can latterly move any object in the universe on a whim. However the potential ramifications could unmake current solar systems since it is unknown if exerting equal force will freeze objects in their place or will cause them to move towards you thus neutralizing the pull of a black hole on it’s host galaxy. For obvious reasons only one object possessing such “anti-gravity” powers should exist with in one galaxy for fear that two objects exerting such gravity would neutralize each other and could potentially pull a galaxy apart away from it’s black hole center.

When to galaxies collide the larger of the two (the one with more gravity) will eat the other absorbing the mass and collective gatherings of the smaller gravitational force. If you match and or create a stronger force you can in effect create your own solar system.

Gravity can establish speed and should be the measuring stick for determining how fast we can go, light is only the fastest thing we know of yet, and is far from being the strongest.

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