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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

When did the Republicans give up on their principles?

My Spin
Republicans turned in their backbones for a populist agenda in order to secure more votes, basically they "drank the kool aid", rather than trying to fight corruption or promote a rational agenda they saw a chance to capitalize on government. In addition to that Republicans tied their fate entirely to the religious right which isn't a bad thing they just decided to . The party that was supposed to be about individual liberty, smaller government, a pro capitalism agenda, and individual responsibilty gave up, but why?
Gore Vidal once said, "It makes no difference who you vote for – the two parties are really one party representing 4 percent of the people."
Harry Browne made some good points WorldNetDaily: Where have all the conservatives gone?

There used to be two highly vocal political movements in America – the conservatives and the liberals.

Although there were subtle variations, the basic difference between them was this:
Liberals were impatient with society as it was and wanted to use the force of government to change it.

Conservatives were skeptical of change, and were reluctant to use government to force changes on society.

Today, however, it's almost impossible to tell the two groups apart.

1.The modus operandi of liberals has always been:
2.Cite a social problem.
3.Assume that this represents a failure of freedom that only the federal government can repair.
4.Propose a big-government program.
5.When someone objects, accuse him of ignoring the poor folks who are suffering.
6.When the new program fails to solve the problem (and instead makes it much worse), throw
more money at it, pass more laws, make the penalties more oppressive, and then ignore the
situation (until it's time to cite the failure as a reason to expand the program again).

In this way they've turned education into a federal responsibility – leading to unsafe schools and far too many illiterate students.

They've ruined what was once the best health-care system in history – making it terribly expensive, cruelly insensitive, and totally out of the reach of many people.

They've created a permanent underclass of welfare clients, made America's farmers dependent on the federal government, and polluted the environment by putting too much land in the care of irresponsible bureaucrats.

No matter how much and how often and how harmfully government fails at what it does, no matter how many problems it causes, liberals still ask government to bring about whatever they want.

Conservatives used to oppose these government programs – fighting them with economic arguments, pointing to unintended consequences, and citing the unconstitutionality of the proposals.

But no longer.

Conservatives have used the federal government to wage a horrendous Drug War. The result has been drug-dealing gangs in the streets, children killed in drive-by shootings, crack babies, increased drug use, and a trashing of the Bill of Rights.

And how do they propose to deal with this enormous failure?

Throw more money at it, make the prison terms more oppressive, take away more of our civil liberties, trash the Constitution even further. In other words, do more of the things that created the problems.

If someone objects, accuse him of ignoring the crack babies and the families hurt by drugs.

If government schools are a mess, cite uneducated children as a reason for a government program to subsidize private schools – which will surely turn those schools into clones of the government schools (as happened with private colleges).

If federal welfare is a tragedy, propose putting religious charities on the federal dole – so that they, too, can become beggars at the government trough, doing the bureaucrats' bidding in order to keep the subsidies coming.

If it's revealed that our military, the FBI, or the CIA hasn't perform its mission properly, throw more money at it, expand whatever program has failed, give more power to the bureaucrats. And if anyone objects, if anyone cites the Constitution, just accuse him of ignoring the victims of 9-11.

No matter how much, and how often, and how harmfully government fails at what it does – no matter how many problems it causes – conservatives still ask government to bring about whatever they want.

No difference
-In other words, conservatives now sound exactly like liberals.
-Cite social problems as justification for expanding the federal government.
-If anyone opposes the proposal, accuse him of being heartless or anti-American.
-Ignore the Constitution if it conflicts with one's pet crusade.
-And no matter how bad a program gets, the answer always is to make it bigger, more
expensive, and more powerful.

What did you get for your vote?
Conservative writers and commentators oppose big-government programs only if they're proposed by Bill Clinton or some other Democratic president. Then they're constitutionalists – sounding the alarm against big government.

At least with Clinton, there was an opposition party. But with a Republican in the White House, there's no opposition. Thus government grew more rapidly under Nixon, Reagan, Ford or Bush than it did under Clinton.

In 2000, many people said they were voting for George Bush because he was the lesser of two evils.

But it turns out that Bush is doing all the things Gore would have done – only now, there's no opposition.

So it appears that those people who chose Bush actually voted for the greater of two evils – big government and no opposition.

It's terrible when even the liberals agree

Lyn Davis Lear: Where Have the Conservatives Gone? The Huffington Post

Over the years I always thought of our Republican friends as good old fashioned fiscal conservatives. But now I wonder what has happened to them. Where have all the common sense conservatives gone? I don't understand how Republican moderates can tolerate the religious fundamentalists who have taken over their party and vow to force their religious and right wing social agenda on all of us.

I have this fantasy that out there in the country there is this sleeping giant of outraged moderate conservatives who will grab the power back from the party extremists during the next election. Wishful thinking.

One of the few moderate Republicans we can count on some of the time is John McCain. Recently he's said he would vote against the elimination of the filibuster. I love that, but I wish he would say it out loud, and forcefully. Like this:

The religious factions growing throughout our land are trying to force government leaders into following their position 100 percent. If you disagree with these religious groups they threaten you with a loss of money or votes or both. From where do they presume to dictate their moral beliefs to me? I am warning them today: I will fight them every step of the way if they try to dictate their moral convictions to all Americans in the name of Conservatism.

If you think I wrote the above for Senator McCain, you are mistaken. Those are the verbatim words of Senator Barry Goldwater who held McCain's seat thirty some years ago. I never thought of Goldwater as a moderate conservative. Yet in today's world he sounds like a flaming liberal. I wish we could bring him back and I wish we could find some others like him.

My Spin
I honestly think this loss is probably the best thing that could have happened to the Republican party and American politics in general. Let me explain,
1. Our government has lost all sense of itself and truth be told there is little difference
between Republicans and Democrats, except in terms of religion
2. The last three Republican-controlled congresses have been the biggest spenders in history. Fiscal conservatives are dismayed not just by the amounts Republicans have been spending, but by the manner in which it is being spent. Earmarks have exploded under the GOP.
3. Corrution is rampant, the Jack Abramoff scandal displays that - at least in my household as I was raised Democrats are the party of scandal and special interest and the Republicans were the party of business but at least they were more honest, well no longer
4. This will force them to reawaken and select better Congressional leadership, the heads of the Hydra have been removed the question is what takes their place
5. I'm certain the Democrats will squander these next two years the same way the
Republicans have and hopefully the public will see this and begin to demand more from their government
6. Bush needs a little oversight for two years he's had a free reign and it's time he started to compromise a little, espically since compromise is a bread and butter of politics
7. Nancy Pelosi is perhaps the worst thing that has happend to Congress in years and I'm certain she will reveal herself to be a bitter divider and will promote an ultra liberal objective at the expense of the public, if your a leader you have to create bridges not destroy them (like Bush and his Republican croonies have)
8. Rumsfeld stepped down so that shows Republicans are willing to work and reach across the isle, I doubt Pelosi will do the same
9. Republican ego's are a little to big and they had their time two years ago when they swept everything fair is fair, Democrats which had no platform in this election, they offered a better pitch to voters - 2004 Republicans used fear as their platform which worked great, 2006 Democrats used We're not Republicans to great success
10.Leadership vacuum across the board!!!!!!

The one area liberals and conversatives definatly differ is their view with respect to a particular office. You may hate George W Bush but he is still the president and deserves a certain level of respect as a result but liberals don't care about that. The same goes for public speaking events, Ann Coulter gets assaulted anywhere she goes for what she believes (yes I think she is full of it too) liberals trow pies and or anything they can get ahold of at her, they protest in front of buildings and insult whomever enters the door with screams of Nazi and Hate Monger. To date (and correct me if I'm wrong, but I want real proof) Conversatives don't do that, people on the religious right may but thats more of a religoius debate as opposed to a politcal one. That right there shows a certain level of respect for a persons.

A good site discusses the Regan funeral
The Veiled Chameleon: Are Democrats and Republicans the Same?

I’ve come to see that Republicans are two-faced. On paper, Republicans are easily more favorable than Democrats to a libertarian-minded person such as myself. On paper, they support lower taxes, less socialism, limited government, a rigid interpretation of the Constitution, property rights, parental rights and gun rights. In practice, they do little to permanently relieve the tax burden, they support wealth redistribution in a variety of forms, they’ve bloated the government to an unprecedented degree, they’ve made a mockery of Amendments One, Four, Six, Eight and Ten, they’ve been slow and inadequate in their response to the Supreme Court’s eminent domain decision. That leaves parental rights and gun rights. So if all you want to do is to teach your kid that God created the world in seven 24-hour periods or shoot empty beer cans for fun, the Republican Party has your back. Otherwise, it’s time to wake up and realize you’ve been duped.

A brief history of the Republican party and how they have changed in the last 20 years

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