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Saturday, March 24, 2007 

House OK's Irap Pullout Deadline

House OKs Iraq pullout deadline

A sharply divided House voted Friday to order President Bush to bring combat troops home from Iraq next year, but the president reiterated his vow to veto the bill, saying the House had “abdicated its responsibility.”

Bush appeared at the White House alongside veterans and family members of troops to accuse Democrats of staging nothing more than "political theater" that delays the delivery of resources to soldiers fighting in Iraq. If the spending bill is not approved and signed into law by April 15, Bush said troops and their families “will face significant disruptions.”

“A narrow majority in the House of Representatives abdicated its responsibility by passing a war spending bill that has no chance of becoming law and brings us no closer to getting the troops the resources they need to do their job,” the president said.

“These Democrats believe that the longer they can delay funding for our troops, the more likely they are to force me to accept restrictions on our commanders, an artificial timetable for withdrawal and their pet spending projects,” he said. “This is not going to happen.”

The victory for Democrats is part of an epic war-powers struggle, and Congress’ boldest challenge yet to the administration’s policy.

Ignoring the veto threat, lawmakers voted 218-212, mostly along party lines, for a binding war spending bill requiring that combat operations cease before September 2008, or earlier if the Iraqi government does not meet certain requirements. Democrats said it was time to heed the mandate of their election sweep last November, which gave them control of Congress.

“The American people have lost faith in the president’s conduct of this war,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “The American people see the reality of the war, the president does not.

”The vote, echoing clashes between lawmakers and the White House over the Vietnam War four decades ago, pushed the Democratic-led Congress a step closer to a constitutional collision with the wartime commander in chief. Bush has insisted that lawmakers allow more time for his strategy of sending nearly 30,000 additional troops to Iraq to work.

Pelosi victory
The roll call also marked a triumph for Pelosi., who labored in recent days to bring together a Democratic caucus deeply divided over the war. Some of the party’s more liberal members voted against the bill because they said it would not end the war immediately, while more conservative Democrats said they were reluctant to take away flexibility from generals in the field.

Republicans were almost completely unified in their fight against the bill, which they said was tantamount to admitting failure in Iraq.

“The stakes in Iraq are too high and the sacrifices made by our military personnel and their families too great to be content with anything but success,” said Republican Whip Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

The bill marks the first time Congress has used its budget power to try to end the war, now in its fifth year, by attaching the withdrawal requirements to a bill providing $124 billion to finance military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for the rest of this year.

My Spin

“What we’re trying to do in this legislation is force the Iraqis to fight their own war,” said Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., who had helped write the bill.

Well that is just what you’re going to get jackass…

This war however won’t be reminiscent of the Czech Slovak Velvet Divorce it will look much more like the American Civil War, long bloody and seemingly without end. We started this war, right or wrong we’re there right now in the mess we created. You cannot enter another country kill its leader destroy its government and erode its civic ties and then just up and leave, it’s rude. Not to mention it’s provication for genocide, if you support this resolution the blood of every Iraqi that is killed will be on your hands.

There is no of this “Oh, I didn’t support the war so I’m not to blame” speech going on, fact is your democratically elected government acted in accordance to all proper domestic laws and got the ok from your democratically elected Congress and went to war in your name. We all have blood on our hands and the only way to remove it is to fix what we started and leaving less than half way in to achieving our goal accomplishes nothing but vindicating our enemies and empowering them to commit more acts of terrorism.

Look I think the war has imploded under the weight of it’s own thinly veiled façade of lies and gross ignorance of the people and political culture of the people we invaded shown by the Congressional and Presidential leadership. However we started this war and we have to fix it or else it will end just as the Korean War did and again in Vietnam. This war will guide the direction our foreign policy will take for probably the next fifty years, we can be on the receiving end or we can be the leader we have risen the be. Now is the time for us to shine and do the right thing, fix the problems we created not run and hide because we are too selfish and apathetic to the plight of our fellow man.

This coming civil war could be the spark needed to ignite WWIII the Islamic nations are looking for a fight and we threw the first punch how can we possibly expect to talk our way out of this one. Running away accomplishes nothing but making us lose face in front of an enemy that swears his undying hatred for us daily and dreams of crushing our nation. We need to fight back, it is the only way to fix our blunder.

Why Democrats are the enemy
Nothing the democrats have done since the start of the war is about helping the troops or fighting for any of the noble ideas this country (in theory) stands for. They have created a zero sum game in which the only way they can “win” (this shouldn’t be about winning or losing, people are dieing all over American pettiness) is to humiliate and break George W Bush. In a zero sum game the only way to achieve your goals is the cause your opposition to fail in achieving theirs, how is this good for America? Regardless of how you feel about Bush HE IS OUR PRESIDENT, for good our bad he is our leader and you don’t undermine your leader to this degree and expect any good to come of this. What the Democrats are doing is a low-level coup against him where they hope to bind him and essentially strip him of all power. Why you may ask, they still haven’t accepted they lost the 2000 election.

The only fair way to do a recount is to recount the whole county you can’t select certain counties and claim that they are the only messed up ones. I guarantee you that every county in the country has elements of voter fraud and messed up ballots. You recount everywhere to be fair.

Back to the war, the Democrats hope to destroy Bush so they can take over and gain power.

All their “opposition” serves as is a power grab in the hopes of persuading voters through lies and bullying that Republicans mean them harm.

The revolutionaries of the 60’s (and they were revolutionaries hoping to topple the status quo and current system in hopes of creating a regime in line with their bong enhanced political mindsets) viewed this fight as a struggle for the soul of the nation and escalated the fight to mythic proportions in order to win. They hoped to break the resolved of LBJ and Nixon they succeeded but at great cost. The cost? The very will of the nation to stand united moreover they permanently drove a wedge between the contrasting political ideologies and framed the argument completely upon the idea of right and wrong back and white.

It’s never that easy, nothing except paint is black and white, all political structures and ideas need to exist in a grey area of compromise because it’s impossible for a leader to be all things to all people and it’s wrong to try to impose your ideas on others.

The Liberals have greatly weakened the United States bargaining power in armed conflicts, Bin Laden nailed it when he called the US Military paper tigers, we are weak and afraid to fight. It’s important to note that our enemy is not. We are fickle and selfish, we only want what is easy to obtain, and we refuse to take responsibility for our actions there is always a third party to blame. Thanks to the liberal tendencies I’ve picked up in my 25 years I blame the Democrats for all this, you have weakened America all so you could get re-elected. You care nothing about anyone that doesn’t agree with you and these enlightened open-minded liberals refuse to even acknowledge any of the merits of any other point of view that in away way differs from their own. Tolerance and understanding don’t come with Buts at the end, it’s universal and it’s fair. Which oddly enough brings me to our other public enemy…

Why Republicans are the enemy
There is no such thing as good and evil, they are man made constructs. God does not speak to you, and this war should never ever have been turned into a religious war predicated upon the idea that we are right because we worship the correct way are you are evil because you pray to the same god the wrong way. You think Western Nations would have learned this lesson after the Reformation when hundreds of thousands (if not more) died because we couldn’t agree on how to worship the same god. Freaking idiots.

It’s never that easy nothing except paint is black and white, all political structures and ideas need to exist in a grey area of compromise because it’s impossible for a leader to be all things to all people and it’s wrong to try to impose your ideas on others.

All their “opposition” serves as is a power grab in the hopes of persuading voters through lies and bullying that Democrats mean them harm.

(Catch the similarities in tactics)

The Republican Party as we knew officially died in 1994 when we saw the rise of the Neo-Conservative movement, a populist based Christian movement permeating with hatred for non-Christians and non-Christian points of view. They do however worship at the alter of two gods, one Christian and the other the all mighty dollar.

This is the party that dreams for the glory days of old, where you could beat your wife with little reason, where gays hide in the closet where they belonged and any talk of science in the classroom would lead to you being run out of town as a heretic. It’s important to note that the last time we had a Christian nation we burned women at the stake for maybe being witches and we savagely brutalized the native population in the name of manifest destiny.

These days are over for a reason, people want the freedom to be as weird and odd as they feel, is it a good thing yes and no, do gay guys freak me out, yes, but I’m not going to run over and beat them over the head with my bible to prove my point. I don’t care who you have sex with so long as they are of age and it is consensual. We are all equal on this earth so no one person is better in the eyes of god. As such, any attempt to regulate the country based on religious principles should be discouraged because it’s dangerous.

When you base laws on religious principles they become unquestionable and when a law becomes unquestionable it is totalitarian and against the tenants of a democracy. Moreover lets say we do decide to abandon our democracy in favor of a Christian Theocracy (you know a Theocracy, just like they have in Iran, a nation totally run by the religious establishment doesn’t everyone in Iran look happy and content with the religious totalitarianism and oppression visited upon them daily) to do so would fundamentally alter the notion of freedom and ability to express ourselves.

Now as for taxes and limited government, the Republicans of old got it right. Limited government with personal responsibility is the best means of promoting freedom and ensuring economic prosperity and in my opinion the only real way to fight poverty with out bringing everyone down. Now there are no differences between the parties when it comes to government spending (actually the Republicans might actually be worse than the democrats) both parties believe in huge government spending and eroding the foundation of personal liberty. The Republicans believe that social control based on Christian moral principles are the most effective means of sustaining the status quo rather you like it or not.

The fact is the status quo is supposed to change to reflex the people living in it, to ignore it or forcibly alter it is totalarinism, in other words it stands in direct contrast to our current form of government standards. The best way to promote personal freedom is a strong sense of states rights. The Republicans under Lincoln greatly expanded on the notion of the federal government with his heavy-handed micromanaging approach and the presidents the proceeded him continued him in this tradition. The nation was founded as a series of independent states banding together for the common good but each retained state sovereignty. However, in the last 130 years we have seen this completely erode takes in large part to the liberal wing of the Republican Party in the age of Lincoln. Both parties believe that it is now the role of the federal government to regulate everything (fact remains what works in California does not always work in Kentucky, and broad over regulated policies are bad for the public because they do not reflect cultural and or socioeconomic differences between peoples). This practice has to stop and it should be the Republicans leading the charge since in principle they are the party of limited government.

I covered many things only maybe half of what I wanted to but frankly I’m pissed off and I’m thinking of moving to Australia where they seem to have their act together. I didn't even proof read this post before publishing it, I was that taken in the moment.

Oh and as for the next election our choices are

Hillary – lying heartless bitch obsessed with making it into the history books with ideas only half as good and her husband was able to pitch them

Obama – a populist with no experience, it’s like buying a Ford car you want to buy one but you’ve been burnt by them so many times in the past it leaves you a little “gun shy” (oops did I say that), populist does not work it’s ignorant to believe one person can be everything to everyone, the man it a complete phony with no ideas of his own

McCain- a smart but bitter man that has been running for president as long as Hillary (2000) he missed his chance the former media darling sold his conservative card to long ago. He’s like a double agent the liberals fear him because they don’t know if they can trust him and conservatives fear him because he’s spent to much time on the other side and could have become tainted

Giuliani – just because he did a good job running New York does not mean he can run the nation, what does he stand for as well, he’s to liberal to be a neo-con and to conservative to be a democrat, I can’t place this guy but the best he can hope for is a vp spot

Romney – Mormon, next

Moreover, anyone I let off this list, frankly your chances of making it are to slim to be taken seriously, see you at the convention where you kiss the ass of the guy that just whooped you by 25% points.

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